Love Affair with the Logo

As a novice to journeyman letterer, I’ve gained a new found respect for logo design.

My first real attempt at creating an iconic trademark was during a failed attempt to raise (in my best Dr. Evil voice) 100 million dollars during a kickstarter campaign.  I was also an amateur marketer (that’s being kind) back then as well and wanted to try my hand at making my own logo.  After having a conversation with my partner, Mervyn I realized we wanted something that was sort of resembled a rubber stamp of disapproval.  Running with the idea, I came up with The first version for The C-List (our vervious title).




After the failed kickstarter, we went back to the drawing board and decided to rename the series, The C-Listers.  We kept the same idea for the premise and now have the version that you all have been inundated with today.



Stay Classy,