So one of my favorite things to do is start writing (finishing is something completely different). I must say one area I think writers always have to work on is pitching. I’m not always the greatest at this, but if I had to describe this comic, I would say that it’s a cross between The Tick and The Venture Bros.

If you feel like it leave your own pitch for The C-Listers below.


Hey guys,

So, my panel for Baltimore Comiccon was accepted.


It’ll be a primer for writers that need collaborate from lond distances and other useful tips and tricks. Also, we’ll have copies of issues two and three so hopefully, I’ll see you in Baltimore.



I was up at this god forsaken hour Monday morning thanks to some Chinese food not lasting in my stomach, when I decided to start designing a t-shirt.

Now, I’m not sure how people feel about wearing the fandom across their chest, but I thought a simple baseball tee with the logo would look pretty neat.

Obviously, I’m not some genius graphics person like at hot topic (There’s a reason I stay away from the art side), so I would love some feedback for better or worse. Are there certain qualities you look for in a graphic t-shirt? Do you have better ideas for a design? I’m hoping to print something that might interest fans before the end of the year.




Just wanted to let you know that Mervyn’s next stop will be the creator owned expo in Fort Lauderdale, so make sure to stop by and say hello if you’re in the sunshine state.

Tales of the Inferior

Attached is my rough draft of a script (a real diamond in the rough). If you ever wondered about what it looks like in my head when the magic happens, here it is.

I write in celtx so if you’re wondering why the format looks different, well there you have it.