As we gear up to more and more amazing places, we wanted to know what are some of your favorite shows. We’re always looking for new ones to check our and meet you guys at.  

If you can stop by the FanExpo Vancouver and check us out in artist alley A11.  We’ll be there with plenty of new artwork.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we’re heading up north in a couple of weeks for the FanExpo Vancouver. Mervyn and Zipper can’t wait to see you guys there.

If you’re thinking about getting a commission be sure to pre-order before Mervyn gets bum-rushed as always.

We’ve also been furiously working on the epic to conclusion to issue 4 and we’ll be keeping you guys posted as that wraps up.




Hey people,

This is Jon, here after a long hiatus. Been furiously typing and changing diapers.

I just wanted to let you know Mervyn and I had a great time at Baltimore Comiccon and are getting ready for NYCC. We’ll have lots of new stuff and if you want a commission from Mervyn during NYCC, I suggest you put it in now cause we expect to be pretty busy the entire weekend.

I might just have some sneaks peeks at the much anticipated issue 4.

Stay Classy,


I wanted to wish everyone seasons greetings. We’re furiously working on issue four and are super excited for 2014. We have plans to be bigger and better than ever. We’ll let everyone know what shows we plan on being at soon.

Out of curiosity, as I plan the schedule out for next year, I wanted to know:

What are some of your favorite comic book shows? We’ll be making a number of stops and want to know what are some great shows to attend.

Well Wishes,


I wanted to personally thank all those who have liked the page. As we rapidly approach 1000, I’d like to encourage you to tell a friend about this awesome comic.

You stay classy,


I have to say New York went better than I could have anticipated. We sold out of the first issue before Sunday. I’m still catching up in many ways, but I’m hoping to have news about the book up soon, but feel free to stop pass the Facebook page where we continue to post pictures of our interactions with fans across many conventions.

Hey guys,

So, my panel for Baltimore Comiccon was accepted.


It’ll be a primer for writers that need collaborate from lond distances and other useful tips and tricks. Also, we’ll have copies of issues two and three so hopefully, I’ll see you in Baltimore.