I’m pleased to as ounce that we are apart of the comicsfix launch which is pretty cool. It’s like Netflix for comics and for less than $10 dollars a month you get unlimited access to every issue of C-Listers and bunch of other great titles.

So, make sure to tell all your friends and share our comic and perhaps your account with them so they can read it. Then tell them to get their own account so they’re readership and patronage can go towards the creation of more great books.


As a novice to journeyman letterer, I’ve gained a new found respect for logo design.

My first real attempt at creating an iconic trademark was during a failed attempt to raise (in my best Dr. Evil voice) 100 million dollars during a kickstarter campaign.  I was also an amateur marketer (that’s being kind) back then as well and wanted to try my hand at making my own logo.  After having a conversation with my partner, Mervyn I realized we wanted something that was sort of resembled a rubber stamp of disapproval.  Running with the idea, I came up with The first version for The C-List (our vervious title).




After the failed kickstarter, we went back to the drawing board and decided to rename the series, The C-Listers.  We kept the same idea for the premise and now have the version that you all have been inundated with today.



Stay Classy,


As many creative team knows, one of the best parts about the making comics is going to shows and talking to people about them.  Mervyn will be in attendance at Supercon this year and should have plenty of copies of issues 1-3.  He’ll also be doing commission of anything your mind can come up with.  Wish I was hitting Miami this year, but sadly I won’t be in attendance.